Has Japan Changed Me?

Learn Japanese pitch-accent and pronunciation from my Patreon Series “Japanese Phonetics”

Dogen / Dōgen / Japanese / 日本語 / Has Japan Changed me? / 25 Ways Japan has changed me / 日本に染まった? / 自分は日本人っぽくなったか?

Doing a live talk-show / meet-and-greet style event in Osaka this Sunday with Mr. Yabatan—details below! Smaller venue, so it may be better to buy a ticket in advance!Note that we’re doing the same event twice the same day such that more people can come, and that the earlier event will be streamed online (behind a $15 paywall) for anyone who’d like to watch live or after the fact.Hope to see all of you there!

1:00 PM event: https://lateral-osaka.com/schedule/2022-09-18-5613/

4:00 PM event: https://lateral-osaka.com/schedule/2022-09-18-5619/

Streaming page: https://twitcasting.tv/lateral_osaka/shopcart/180768


13時〜: https://lateral-osaka.com/schedule/2022-09-18-5613/

16時〜: https://lateral-osaka.com/schedule/2022-09-18-5619/